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Esprit Jolie

Hello! I'm Sheena. Thank you so much for visiting this website. If you don't know me, well then lets change that! :) I am a proud mother of a beautiful 7 year old (I can not believe I just said that!). Yes, She JUST turned 7! She is the apple of my eye and the light to my soul. God, sure blesses me daily. Every day I look at her I THANK GOD for the wonderful adventure I am on, as a mother. I know you feel the same way if you have little ones! You know what else? I thank him that I get to see your beautiful babies every day as well. I get to become apart of your life and I get to meet some amazing people. He chose me to use! That is pretty awesome! When I look through my camera, it is not what I see but what God sees. I named the studio Esprit Jolie which means Beautiful Spirit in French. Why? Because, after alot of prayer, that is exactly what I do. I capture someones spirit. The little one belly laughing in the alley with me because they think I'm funny. The mother of the bride with a tear in her eye because she is watching her daughter on the biggest day of her life. Life and the true spirit of people show up. I just am blessed enough to catch that as a photo. A way to stop time in that moment, and let that image speak beautiful words. I started this journey by chance 7 years ago. I had no idea what Gods plan was. Not a clue. I opened my first studio in November 2010. I still didn't know at that time where I would be today. And I know there is so much more to come. 

Currently, I now have another sweet soul that I have made part of my journey. Her name is Kate. She came into my life and I had no idea at that time that God would have me teach her everything he has taught me. He brought a willing vessel and a very humble person to me and I can proudly say now, that Kate is my other photographer at Esprit Jolie.  I have worked so hard to get to where I am today and I don't plan on stopping. I have amazing clients. I have made wonderful friendships and I have had so many people touch my heart these past 7 years and all I can do is praise God for being so great to me!!


Now, I can't wait to meet you! Call me!